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"Due to the early freeze this year, Freddy was unable to get my gutters cleaned.  He ended up coming out during a brief thaw, on a Saturday, to do the upper gutters.  As usual, he was very professional and careful. He certainly went the extra mile this year." -- Mrs. Watson



"The best Co. I'v ever hired, would not hesitate to recommend them to others. With my initial call he responded quickly which you don't find much anymore and did a good job. This is a good company and I would hire them again." -- Doris L.




"He was punctual. Friendly. Neat. Very thorough. The windows looked like the outside came in. Excellent job. Would highly recommend." -- Peggy D.






"Freddy does a great job. Prompt efficient and neat. I've used him at my home and office for several years. Will definitely continue to use him." -- Jane H.





"Freddy Salazar was initially contacted by phone. He responded promptly with an estimate by email. He arrived when promised and spent over 30 minutes cleaning and flushing the very dirty gutters. He was careful not to damage the plantings near the house. He also cleaned up and removed all the gutter contents and did not leave them on the ground.Before he left, he took the time to show me two areas where the gutters needed to be adjusted.He followed up with a paid receipt by email.Very personable and professional!" -- Wendy W.


"Freddy was on time & went right to work. He was friendly & neat." -- Dave D.



"Freddy did a great job today.  He washed all the windows on the outside of my three story home.  He also replaced a few storms with screens for the summer season.  He was nice enough to clean a few of the windows that weren't part of our plan….simply because they were dirty and he wanted everything to look nice.


When I arrived home from work Freddy was already almost 1/2 done with the job.  He's very pleasant and is a stickler for details.  I can't even count how many windows I have but he did them with speed and did a great job in the process.  
At one point he noticed that he forgot to do one window on the 3rd floor.  I told him to forget about it but Freddy took out the ladders again and climbed all the way to clean that one window.  That's someone who takes pride in his work.
I'll have him back in the Fall to clean inside and out." -- Jim P.



"Freddy Salazar is currently the owner of this business and worked for the previous company that I had used....Improved Outlook, Inc.  He arrived on time for both the "estimate" portion of this large home job and to perform the actual cleaning project itself, as well.  His expertise at cleaning the windows with absolutely no streaks or smudges is amazing. He is attentive to detail and took the extra time needed to perform an excellent job. Without being asked, he always put "booties" on when he came in from outside to prevent any debris from his shoes getting on the white carpeting. His professionalism is unquestioned." -- Jessica T.




"Was prompt, polite and friendly. Very professional. I have scheduled an appointment with Freddy for next year." -- Robert T.



"It was easy to schedule the appointment.  They arrived on time and were very efficient.  The end work product looks great." -- Vicki K.



"Freddy was great, on time, hard worker, very thorough, friendly & trustworthy." -- Charles R.



"Freddy was great, on time, hard worker, very thorough, friendly & trustworthy." -- Charles R.




"Freddy cleaned my home windows - inside & out.I also used him to wash windows at my office - a much bigger job consisting of two - 3 story buildings.Freddy's very easy to work with - very professional and efficient. He arrived promptly both times and did a great job. He also offers power washing, which I may do in the Fall. Will definitely use him again." -- Jane H. 



"Freddy was on time, courteous, friendly, and highly professional. The work was done thoroughly and in good time. I recommend Freshly Squeeged to everyone." -- Jim P.



"Freddy arrived 5 minutes early. He was very polite and we went over what was to be done. He did the entire job himself. It took him a full day (9-5). He did a fantastic job. Very professional." -- Chase F.



"We had 10 crystal chandeliers cleaned. They are very delicate with lots of fragile pieces. It is not a task that can be trusted to just anyone. Freddy was on time, well groomed and very friendly. I was impressed with how well he protected the areas he worked in. The chandeliers were perfect! The work was completed in a timely manner." -- Georgette M.



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