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Our Services

We have the knowledge to clean every type of window, no matter what the age of your home, wear shoe covers to keep your house clean, use drop cloths, clean all window tracks, hang storms and screen, pressure wash screens, clean chandeliers, mirrors, gutters, skylights, awning, light fixtures and outdoor lighting and change bulbs in hard to reach fixtures




Beautiful light fixtures and chandeliers can only reflect their true beauty if they are sparkling clean.  We take great pleasure in seeing your reaction when your light fixtures come back to life as a gleaming centerpiece of your home or business. You’ll be amazed to see your indoor or outdoor light fixtures restored to their original beauty.



Are You Over Cleaning Your Own Business, Office, or Storefront Windows? Most large office buildings only clean their upper floor windows two to three times per year. Then clean ground floor, lobby, and public areas more often.  A main entry with a lot of trafic may need to be completed more often to get that crisp, clean first appearance everyone is looking for.  Lower ground floor windows regularly cleaned can produce the same results with exterior only quarterly cleanings.


Storefront cleanliness is very different compared to an office building. Everyone always wants the store front to be very appealing.  Shiny clean windows, as well as clean window sills, clean and shiny awnings, and clean sidewalks and parking lots may depend on if you are selling clothing, hardware, or auto parts, as each storefront has its own level of cleanliness they want displayed to attract the customer.  Each may want different occurrences of cleaning.



Clogged gutters can create a lot of damage to landscaping, basements, roofs and other parts of your home. With the right tools at our disposal, we have helped many homeowners to have the confidence of knowing that their gutters are working as well as possible without having to climb tall ladders themselves.  After the leaves fall or anytime you see your gutters overflowing, they’d be happy to give them a once-over and make sure there are no obstructions that will cause big headaches later on.



Is your siding covered in dirt or mildew?  Are your eaves and soffits plastered with cobwebs and bugs?  Has your deck or your dock at the cottage gotten gray and weathered? Is your paver or brick patio black or green with mildew?  Is your Lannon Stone exterior looking black from mildew build-up?  All of these problems are an easy fix with a pressure-washer and a talented operator.  Freshly Squeeged can save you from the mess and the days of hard work, while making your home’s exterior look brand new again



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